Book cover character illustrations

I recently had a great opportunity to work with Scholastic on a really fun book cover job. It was for a sweet chapter book series, featuring a little girl with some big personality! So I was able to jump into some character development; Here’s some of the sketches and the color piece I submitted for final.

First character sketches

Rough sketches in layout

Revised character sketches with rough color

Final art

Unfortunately, they ultimately decided on a different look for the series, so my art was killed. But I really loved exploring this character, so I’m hoping to work on more projects like this! Thanks to the Art Director, Natalie, for thinking of me for this one!

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  1. laura t.

    great sketches, i love the first set! the character development is always the most fun part of any job. sorry it got killed, it happens to the best of us.


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