I’m taking Lilla Rogers’ 6-month Assignment Bootcamp—an online portfolio building-course geared toward licensing. After having such a great experience in her Make Art That Sells course last fall, I really thought this would be a great opportunity to stay on track with making new work . (Though I love self-initiated projects, set guidelines & deadlines always seem to help me actually see things through! 🙂

Each month, Lilla gives an assignment based on a theme. This is similar to her MATS class format, but there isn’t as much direct feedback and extra insights & advice on the industry. It’s sheerly for building up a body of work, and connecting with the creative community of other artists in the class. This month’s assignment was to create a piece of art for an iphone case, incorporating a cuckoo clock theme.

So much fun imagery to explore here! At the start of the project, Lilla gives a “mini” assignment—she tells just the theme so that we can fully explore the subject matter without over thinking the final application. I’ve really enjoyed working this way, as it helps me feel a bit freer in the sketch phase.

Here’s a few of my sketches, and a first attempt at a case. I just wasn’t feeling like it was really “me”. I felt like I was trying to make a piece that would fit the mold, and it just wasn’t exciting for me at all. So I abandoned ship and dove into the second one (below). I had so much fun with this that I tired out some coordinate patterns too! One of the top things I’ve taken from Lilla’s classes is that “people buy your joy”—meaning that the best work comes out when you are truly enjoying creating it!

Rather than critiques for each assignment, Lilla’s offering a gallery that she will share publically with real world creative directors in the industry. Very excited about that! Also happy to add a new design to my Society6 shop where I already sell a few iphone cases!