Awhile back, I created a “Fire Eater” illustration, which was actually just a fun side project inspired by a halloween costume I made (you can see both the piece and costume here!)


I’ve gotten a lot of positive response to this work in general, but also amongst actual fire-eaters—which I consider quite a complement! 🙂


Recently, a fire performer reached out asking if I would create some similar characters for her new website to promote a variety of entertainment services—including fire eating, fire-dancing, and stiltwalking. Of course I jumped at the chance because it just sounded like pure fun—plus, I totally love this subject matter and could explore it endlessly!


These are the 4 pieces we decided on, to be used as character spots on her website:


I used this, also, as an opportunity to explore texture in my work a bit further. A few years back I made the transition from using completely traditional mediums to a combination of traditional + digital (to allow for a bit of a quicker work process). Since then, I’ve been finessing my technique, and after reading a fantastic article filled with great tips and resources by Emmeline Pidgen on Ten Paces and Draw, I was inspired to add some new textures and brushes to my existing library & try some new things. I was really happy with how these came out, and feeling inspired to continue to play with this sideshow/circus theme in some patterns and prints I have in the works. Stay tuned!