I’m excited to finally get to share a very cool project that’s been in the works for awhile!

I’m one of several artists from around the world commissioned to illustrate a series of “Blissisms”—or “truisms about life with a delicious chocolate twist”—part of a social media campaign for Hershey’s line of Bliss chocolates. Each week, new images will be featured on Hershey’s Bliss Facebook page, encouraging their fans to submit their own creative sayings.

I’m thrilled to have my work be included in the kick-off for this fun campaign. I absolutely loved creating these first “Blissisms”, and in the upcoming weeks several more of my pieces will be featured. You can “like” them on Hershey’s Bliss Facebook page.

Thanks to the fabulous team at W2O Group for such a fun project!


HersheysBlissisms_FBcvr_FINAL_A HersheysBlissism_Diamonds