A few months ago, I had a super fun YA book cover project with Sourcebooks for a villainous mermaid-adventure tale set in Coney Island. Given my love of Coney Island & it’s annual Mermaid Parade—plus anything generally creepy and/or scary—I can’t think of a project that could be more perfect for me! There were a ton of fun ideas to explore for this one, because the story is jam-packed full of amazing imagery. I worked with the art director to ultimately come up with this cover, which focused on the story’s evil predatory mermaid and includes hand-lettered title type.



This cover was well-received, but before it went to print, the publisher decided to change it to reflect more of the epic adventure aspect of the story & appeal more to boys (especially since the main character is a boy). The final cover that they developed is similar to one of the initial concepts I had submitted, and I think what they ended up with looks fantastic!

The book is a really great, super exciting read! I def. recommend checking it out!