I’m excited to share a few recent hand-lettering projects. These were all done for book covers over the last few months (the book cover process can be lengthy, and often have to wait for some time before sharing these projects-so it’s always an exciting reveal!)


SECRETS AT SEA is a wonderful middle-grade novel by award winning author Richard Peck. And I was lucky enough, as the jacket designer, to get to work with the fabulously talented Kelly Murphy on her amazing jacket and interior illustrations. (She’s so wonderful! Please check her out at http://www.kelmurphy.com/)


The nature of the story and the art lent itself to a hand-lettered type style, so my Art Director commissioned me to create the title. I’m happy to share, too, that this super sweet book has been getting 4-star reviews!


cover illustration © Kelly Murphy


Over the summer I also worked on a lead title for Sourcebooks. The project has since been postponed and I’m not sure I’ll have the opportunity to revisit the design/image, so for now just giving a peek at the title type I created. This is a great book, and I really loved working on this one. I’ll be excited to see how the final ends up.



And this last one was initially part of the Sophie’s Mixed-Up Magic illustrations in initial rounds before they were killed.