I love this quote by Helen Keller. I came across it a few years ago, in one of those books of inspiring quotes, and it really resonated with me. So, I tacked it up in my work space and it’s served as an inspiration ever since.

I have always believed that life isn’t something that happens to you, rather, it’s something that you make happen. And, though you don’t always have control over which paths present themselves to you & when, you do always have a choice of which path to follow. When your sights are always set on achieving your absolute best and constantly growing and evolving as a person, it just becomes impossible to be content with being content.

This perspective has guided me through my life in every way. It’s what made me choose art as a career, what made me change art schools 3 different times, and what made me leave everything I knew to chase a dream in the crazy & wonderful chaos that is New York City. The paths that have sprung from that leap 10 years ago have been unforeseen and unexpected—insanely difficult at times, but all leading to people and experiences in my life more amazing than I could have dreamed.

I’m incredibly lucky to have spent the last 10 years as a full-time designer in big publishing houses. I’ve learned an invaluable amount about design, art direction & creative collaboration, refined and broadened my skills, and developed a lot of really great relationships. Plus, I absolutely love making books and all the people I’ve been so lucky to work with! But, a few years ago, my heart began to tell me that wasn’t enough. That I had never let go of the desire to work for myself and more fully explore all the avenues that I can apply my skills to. And my body was beginning to tell me that I’m getting a little too old to pull all-nighters, cramming in freelance projects that I love too much to pass up.

So, I’ve made a really big decision to start a new chapter in my life by leaving the full-time corporate world to pursue my own design & illustration business full-time. I’ll of course continue to design book covers, but will also be able to devote more time and energy to growing other aspects of my career. It’s a huge decision, and I can’t help but be reminded of the New York street corner I stood on years ago, accepting a job offer that I knew would change my life. It was terrifying, but also exhilarating, to dive into unknown waters. I’ve spent years since, preparing to again jump into the unknown—and now the time has finally come. I’m very, very excited to see where this new chapter leads me & the growth it will allow, both personally and professionally.