Straw, Stick & Brick character art

It’s been a very busy few months, and has been hard to keep up with updates! But finally getting a chance to share some fun character art I was commissioned to create for Straw Stick & Brick Delicatessen, a charcuterie in Washington DC.

They have a really fun approach to their branding—playing off the 3 little pigs & big bad wolf, a character personality is assigned to each of the 4 core values the business is based on: farming, working, learning and eating.

I was given a brief outlining these “personalities” and asked to create a few variations of each, including holiday-themed, to be used on in-store signage. There were 16 pieces in all, just a few of my favorites here. I really enjoyed creating these and just may need to take a trip to DC to check out how they use the art—and, of course, sample some of their delicious-sounding sandwich creations!






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