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New book cover design & Illustration

Very excited that I can finally share a project I worked on last year—a book cover for Lindsay Eland’s new middle-grade novel for Egmont Books. I love projects like this, where I had the opportunity to create the whole package: design, illustration, and hand-lettering.

This is the story of Sunday Fowler, who’s feels she’s always overlooked in her family as the third of six kids. So she’s determined to spend the summer finding a way to make herself stand out, and may have just found it in the mysterious letters she finds in a silver box in the basement of the library her parents are renovating. She’s determined to find out who wrote them, in hopes to unveil to the world what may be a lost novel—and become famous!

Summer of Sundays book cover

I tried several different approaches in the sketch rounds, but ultimately we decided to focus on conveying the sense of mystery as well as Sunday’s determination.

Summer of Sundays Sketches

I previously worked on Lindsay’s debut middle grade novel, Scones and Sensibility. It’s such a joy to work on her books—her writing is delightfully sweet & fun. A Summer of Sundays pubs in July and is now available for pre-order on Amazon.


A busy summer it’s been…

It’s hard to believe we’re already well into July; harder to believe I’ve been too busy to keep up with my blog over the last month!


I have been hard at work on some exciting new things, though. First, I’ve been designing a YA fiction cover for Sourcebooks—It’s still in the works, so I can’t really share much just yet—but the project gave me the chance to create some super cool stock-photo imagery and hand-lettering. I’ll be excited to share once it’s finalized and released!


I also have been working on cover illustrations for a middle grade series at Penguin. These books also won’t be released for some time, so I also can’t really share too many specifics— but basically they allowed for tons of fun imagery to play with: magic lamps, flying carpets….and a great project for me to develop a character in my style! These are 2 of the final illustrations:

Unfortunately, though the Art Director and Publisher were super happy with these illos, they didn’t make it past the sales and marketing team, who felt that this genre of book would be more competitive as a paperback series if treated with a photographic approach instead. So, my illustrations were killed, but I had a blast creating these pieces anyway and am super happy to be able to add them to my portfolio.


Also want to share a few of the preliminary sample pieces and sketches that I did as part of the process.

I had to actually pitch myself at the beginning of the project anonymously to my creative director and publisher-along with other alternate artists, which was an interesting experience! I created these tailor-made samples to add into the mix and win out the job:

And, I went through several round of sketches to first develop the character, and then nail down concepts for each of the 3 books. Here’s a few sketches from various stages of the process:

I really enjoyed creating pieces that target this middle-grade girl audience, so looking forward to doing more in this realm!


New Projects

I’ve just gotten 2 big, super exciting jobs that I’m diving into! I’m illustrating covers for a 3-book series for Penguin, and also hand-drawing type & designing an awesome lead title for Sourcebooks. So, I may be a bit sporadic with updates over the next few busy weeks, but can’t wait until I’m able to share more details about these projects!





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