Month of Love, header by Jeanine Henderson

I wanted to post this up last week, but just catching up! I’m super excited to be participating in a month-long sketch challenge with a super incredible group of 19 other artists. Every day of February, each of us will submit a sketch on some theme related to the topic of LOVE. Some days are completely open to to any love-related imagery, and other days there will be an assigned “challenge” topic.

I feel very lucky to participate in this very cool project with such a talented bunch, and also totally psyched that I was asked to create the lettering and pattern for the blog header & background—a fun bonus for me!

I’ve been really wanting to get involved in some kind of collaboration as well as challenge myself to create everyday. So, not only is this project super fun—but a great opportunity to experiment and grow.

The full list of illustrators is below, and the blog is here. We’re already 4 days in, so there’s lots of great stuff already up. But be sure to check it out often as new images are continuously being added!

Scott Bakal
Scott Brundage
Kristina Carroll
Narciso Espiritu Jr.
Kate Feirtag
Sarah Gay
Marc Scheff
Tara Jacoby
Jeffrey Alan Love
Carly Mazur
Scott Murphy
Terese Nielsen
Chris O’Neill
Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Tim Paul
Cynthia Sheppard
Kyle Smart
Alice Stanne
Jaime Zollars
Jeanine Henderson