Anyone who knows me, knows that Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday & time of year. So I was thrilled to be invited to participate in “The Month of Fear“—a weekly art challenge created by fabulous fantasy illustrator Kristina Carroll as a follow up to her Month of Love last February.

The blog includes over 20 illustrators, each posting an image weekly in response to a given challenge topic related to fear or Halloween. Kristina also asked me to create the blog header lettering & background image, as I had for Month of Love. October ended up being quite a busy month for me, so I wasn’t able to complete every challenge, but wanted to share a few pieces.

Be sure to check out the blog—there’s tons of fabulous work up!



Hand-lettered blog header


Skull background pattern


Week 1 Challenge: What Lives Under Your Bed?


Week 3 Challenge: What’s your favorite horror story?


Week 4 Challenge: Illustrate a random phobia


Halloween Challenge: Illustrate a favorite Halloween Memory